158. Here’s an idea.

This post has spawned from another blogger's post and the comment I added to it. The post referred to how social media platforms, including this one (a slightly disguised platform), were all about the money rather than the content. I agree with that sentiment although, it's not particularly surprising as most people do things to... Continue Reading →

157. Literary comments please.

I'm putting the final touches to a crime / suspense novelette that I'm writing. It will appear on the blog when it's completed, although it may be a tad too much for the general blogging audience. I say that as, to date, it is 6000+ words and counting. I'm hoping that the imminent 'section IV,... Continue Reading →

156. Take a few minutes to read.

My blog today is on a theme of "how things are difficult to change". The main content is not my own, instead it is 'borrowed' from the Charlie Chaplin speech from the 1940 film, "The Great Dictator" (Chaplin's first 'talkie'). I would like to point out to those of you who don't know / remember,... Continue Reading →

155. Old friends

Everywhere we turnEverywhere we lookThe sights we seeTear up the 'reality' book The things we seeThe things we hearLeave us open-mouthedFilled with dread and fear Where has he goneOur old good friendRIP, Common sense Where will it end? Truth and honestyMorals and ethicsAre they dying breedsRe-written physics? Strive and work so thatThis period soon endsPray... Continue Reading →

153. What, why or who?

The following text is a small experiment that I thought I would try with any of you who wish to participate. I have written a small section of a story, which is loosely in my head. I say loosely because, as you may know, my stories tend to write themselves and therefore are often as... Continue Reading →

151. The path to enlightenment.

Straight to the chase. This personal search for enlightenment has been upon the horizon now for a little while. Obviously, the search is largely one that has to be done introspectively, as that is where most, if not all, the answers will lie. The journey began prior to the present situation, so it's not a... Continue Reading →

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